Presenting Illustrator Rafal Kwiczor and his geometric drawings

Rafał Kwiczor lives in Warsaw and illustrates as a freelancer. He builds complicated narratives, based on movement, in which one must discover the element that drives the whole. A game from the 90’s – The Even More Incredible Machine perfectly reflects Rafał’s illustrations, the way he acts and how he creates his closed, sad, nostalgic and even depressing world, filled with embarrassing heads in outdated hairstyles.

Rafał Kwiczor’s drawings illustrate experimentation with perspective, form and composition. “My drawings are minimal in form as they are based on geometric figures which I cut, modify and deform, creating closed worlds that can be quite sad, nostalgic, and even depressing,” he explains. “The aim is to create an inner language that works as a communication system – I use the same types of expression, the same thickness of contour and even the same shape of the head.”

A significant aspect of his work is the movement to convey a specific situation or mood. According to Rafał, negative emotions create a hard, unspecified movement. Another interesting fact of his drawings is the numerous different colours that harmonise and at the same time contrast. Bouncing between bold and toned-down shades, Rafał draws his inspiration from old German science books.